Trivia of the Day for Sunday

According to Goodyear, who allegedly spent 10 years researching this, a person’s right shoe will wear out faster than your left shoe.

An average person takes 18,000 steps per day. In your average lifetime, you will walk the equivalent of three times around the world. I’m tired just thinking about it.

George Washington had a size 13 foot. Robert E. Lee had a size 4.5 foot. I have a size 12.5 foot, sometimes 13, sometimes 12 – it just depends on how much water I am retaining on any given day. 

People are going to think I have a foot fetish with three days in a row of this stuff…

A hummingbird can not stand on its feet as they are not strong enough to hold them up on a flat surface.  I also have a hummingbird feeder in my back yard.


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