Super Bowl Trivia

Today is the Super Bowl here in the USA, so here is some trivia in honor of today’s big game…



Up to $4.5 million — The cost of 30 seconds of airtime this year, a new record

Some of the products that will be advertised: Cars, soft drinks, cruises, Doritos, beer, website-development services, website-hosting services, soap for men, hamburgers, candy, cellphone chargers, insurance, tax software, underwear, and avocados


$3.2 million — The estimated value of advertising exposure Gillette got by its #Flexball backdrop at a day of Patriots’ DeflateGate press conferences


1.25 billion — Estimated number of chicken wings that will be consumed nationwide during today’s Super Bowl



Top 10 Foods Consumed During the Super Bowl in 2013


1) Salty snacks

2) Dip

3) Vegetables

4) Cheese and crackers

5) Appetizers

6) Fresh fruit/salad

7) Pizza

8) Sweet desserts/candy

9) Buffalo wings

10) Nuts



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