Trivia of the Day for Wednesday

How does quicksand work?

Quicksand is not really a type of sand! It is a condition that occurs within any type of soil- but most common in sand. When there is any upward flow of water through sand, the sand becomes “agitated” and the grains of sand lift away from each other. This separation of grains reduces the strength of the sand, and it then begins to act like liquid. It might appear to be solid ground, but it’s behavior is more like that of a pool of water.

You sink in quicksand for the same reason you sink in water – the differences of density. Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to drown in quicksand unless you really work at it, because the density of quicksand is much greater than that of water. Since you can almost float in water, you should be easily able to float in quicksand.

Then again, for purposes of disclaimer – don’t try this at home, folks.


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