Trivia of the Day for Tuesday

The foot is 12 inches long because the arm of King Henry I of England measured 36 inches, and he decreed the standard foot should be 1/3 of that measurement.

The first cook book was written by the Greeks in 400 B.C.

The flying gurnard, a fish, swims in water, walks on land, and flies through the air.

The chance of contracting an infection during a hospital stay in the USA is 1 in 15.

The customs house in Mexico City, now the federal treasury, was started in 1730. Work was halted immediately when the builders estimated it would require ten years to complete the project. A beautiful Mexican girl, Sara de Acuna, promised to marry Juan Guitierrez if he would finish the building in six months. He accomplished the task just three days short of the deadline.



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2 responses to “Trivia of the Day for Tuesday

  1. john walter

    thank you so much

  2. W. S.

    Duh I actually thought gurnards could walk…! 😛

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