Bonus Trivia

Why is there such a thing as leap year?

People generally say there are 365 days in a year. By a year, I mean this is the time period it takes the earth to travel around the sun: 365 days.

Actually, however, it takes the Earth 365.25 days to make this trip. In other words, for every year we gain one-fourth of a day and every for years we gain an extra day. If nothing was done about this, our calendar would move backwards one full day every four years in relation to our seasons.


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  1. Michael Blakley

    There’s a Leap Day added every four years unless the year is perfectly divisible by 100, in which case there’s no Leap Day. Unless the year is also perfectly divisible by 400, in which case the previous rule is nullified and there is a Leap Day. So 2000 had a February 29th because it was perfectly divisible by 400, while 2100 won’t have one because it’s only perfectly divisible by 100.

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