Trivia of the Day for Sunday

Half of the peanuts grown in America are used to make peanut butter.

Northern General Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves who were not freed until after the Civil War had ended.

Timekeepers have clocked the action in a 60 minute football game to actually be around 14 minutes.

Leon Uris dropped out of high school to join the US Marines.

In 1978, a college professor conducted a study of fingernail biting. His findings also revealed approximately 15% of Americans admitted to also chewing their toenails.  Gross.



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2 responses to “Trivia of the Day for Sunday

  1. I enjoy your trivia each day and share them with other veterans here at Missouri Veterans Home in Mexico Missouri during my morning announcements. Just wanted to thank you and wish you well.
    Tim Nadeau WWII Navy Vet

  2. Thank you, and please tell everyone I appreciate their prior service!


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