Trivia of the Day for Monday

A bee uses 22 muscles to sting someone.

East St. Louis is in Illinois.

A basketball hoop is 18 inches in diameter.

In Kansas, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and South Carolina (but not Louisiana) a woman can be legally married at the age of 12. You youngsters on this list shouldn’t get any new ideas.

An average American will eat 350 cows, 310 hogs, and 225 lambs in a lifetime.


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One response to “Trivia of the Day for Monday

  1. Allison

    I would love to see the source for the last piece of trivia. All of the research i’ve done shows that the number is waaaaaaaay closer to about 10-11 entire cows eaten per life time. The ambiguous phrasing doesn’t make it clear whether this means Americans eat meat from 350 DIFFERENT cows per life time (which seems incredibly low because i would say a person probably has more than 350 separate hamburgers, steaks, and briskets in a lifetime) or if we eat 350 ENTIRE cows per life time, which is hundreds of cows more than any of the research I found and seems to be a mathematical improbability.

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