Trivia of the Day for Thursday

The first Rolls-Royce sold for $600.00 in 1906.

The first product to have a UPC bar code on its packaging was Wrigley’s gum.

Astronaut Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon with his left foot.

Play-doh was first invented as a wallpaper cleaner.

Multiply 37,037 by any single number (1-9), then multiply that number by 3. Every digit in the answer will be the same as that first single number.



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2 responses to “Trivia of the Day for Thursday

  1. Wow….that multiplying one is COOL! TFS!

  2. The last fact is because 37037 times 3 is 111111. That’s like saying 111111 times any number from 1-9 has the same numbers as the first digit. It’s a useless fact.

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