Trivia of the Day for Monday

Over 90% of the calories you burn are used to maintain your body temperature. A good way to lose weight is, therefore, to expose your body to the cold.

The insulation of the fuel tanks on a Saturn V rocket was so good an ice cube placed inside would take 8 years to melt.

Mosquito repellents don’t repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito’s sensors so they don’t know you are there.

Acute hasopharyngitis is more commonly known as a cold.

Quinine is an alkaloid extract of the bark of the Cinchona tree.


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One response to “Trivia of the Day for Monday

  1. Dave Davis

    I really enjoy your trivia website; I don’t know how you manage to find so many items. I am a medical coder, so when I saw the medical term for common cold, I had to mention that I think it is spelled beginning with an “n”.

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