Trivia of the Day for Tuesday

Why is the color blue used for baby boys?

Several centuries ago, it was believed satanic spirits hovered around nurseries waiting for a chance to enter the bodies of young children. It was also believed these evil spirits could be repelled by the color blue, which was the color of the Heavens.  Since it was considered important to protect young males, the custom developed to dress young boys in blue to ward off evil spirits lurking about.



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2 responses to “Trivia of the Day for Tuesday

  1. Roger Gaede

    sorry to see you go was the best part of my day, good luck , Roger

  2. Benjamin Haney

    I question the legitimacy of this piece of trivia. The reason for this is because the colors of blue for boy and pink for girl are a relatively modern phenomenon. Here’s just one resource on this matter:

    From the sound of things, it seems that this piece of trivia is in fact not true and comes from old wives tales.

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